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Seyntex logoSeyntex: Meeting the Future Needs of our Customers

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Photo © Seyntex.
Photo © Seyntex.

Seyntex is looking very hard at this issue and is investing in the future, as the basic cut and sew will no longer be enough to support the ever technological advances that military command requires and a dismounted soldier has to wear. We are looking at ever changing threat levels and threat requirements where armour and heavy weight loads are needed one day and not the next.

The power requirement for the dismounted soldier also seems to grow at a rapid pace with battery consumption at an all time high with industry looking at alternatives, with no major breakthrough in sight. The other issue with the power requirement is where the power is fed to the soldier as size and weight is at a major premium. We have looked at intelligent textiles where the electronics are part of the material and despite the claims they are a long way from being combat effective.

The main issue for all new technologies that look good on paper is that when they are tested for combat effectiveness the short falls become all too clear. That said Seyntex is investing in its staff and ability to manufacture these technologies as when they are ready, as they will have to be manufactured. We are fully committed to this process for the future.

It is this thinking “outside of the box” that will keep European manufacturers and the technologies within Europe; as many skill sets are now leaving Europe and Europe can ill afford this brain drain. We have a number of solutions that will be available for a future soldier platform that we are developing with our UK and European partners and a number of European MoD’s and these enhances are not static applications as they are designed to evolve to accept technologies as the technologies become combat effective and no other company at this time is working within this ethos.

Most developments are for a time line of service before a new iteration is then developed, so evolutionary designs are a rare commodity within this industry. Our future soldier platform is not a static application but one that is designed to evolve with technologies as and when they are ready it is completely modular and innovative. Our tie ups allow us to develop and test the equipment; resolve any issues before we present them to the client. This allows us to be more efficient and to exceed time line lines in development. Along with our investment in new manufacturing processes to cope with this new technology we have positioned ourselves to be at the forefront of manufacturing and development for the 21st century.

Photo © Seyntex.
Photo © Seyntex.

As European Militaries move from large scale infantry regiments to a more highly mobile and versatile specialist unit the developments have to be designed to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of these units with the through life cost and manufacture support that we feel we are best placed to provide.

We are also at the forefront of fabric design and developments working on new fabrics that are lighter stronger and offer other features that the future soldier platform will require and one that can be delivered.

Seyntex N.V. is a vertically integrated textile group embracing all production steps such as weaving, dyeing, printing, coating, laminating, finishing and making-up of high-tech textiles. The use of the most sophisticated production machinery, combined with a proven know-how and constant research and development are a guarantee for an excellent quality and service. Seyntex is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited and has a fully equipped textile laboratory, a ballistic shooting range, fully integrated textile production, and sewing factories in Belgium, Romania and Bangladesh.

Seyntex has a full range of articles for the military user and for police forces and civil defence organisations. The range includes:

  • fragmentation and bullet proof jackets
  • soft ballistic panels for trucks
  • ballistic plates
  • personal load carrying systems
  • sleeping systems
  • tentage in canvas and PVC
  • multispectral camouflagenets (IRR, antiradar, thermal) mobile and static
  • combat clothing, tank crew coveralls, flying coveralls
  • breathable foul weather clothing (PPE)
  • sweaters, t-shirts, polo’s, jumpers
  • fire-fighter suits to BS EN 469 standards
  • CBRN protective garments and equipment

With a history of over 100 years, Seyntex is known to all of the European Ministries of Defence as a safe and reliable partner in the design, development and production of all of the products made out of technical textiles.

With a total workforce of more than 1000 people, and by being vertically integrated, Seyntex ensures it delivers what it promises.

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Photo © Seyntex.
Photo © Seyntex.
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