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Future Soldier Technology 2021 To Discuss How Robotics Can Be Leveraged To Support The Dismounted Soldier

SMi Group Reports: The British Army and United States Naval Special Warfare Command will be speaking at Future Soldier Technology 2021 to discuss robotics and autonomous systems

In 2019, the UK MoD announced a multi-million pound fund to fast-track military robotic projects onto the battlefield. Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems have the ability to enhance dismounted soldier situational awareness, sustainment and protection, making them important in operation success.

With this in mind, SMi Group are pleased to announce that there will be two presentations at Future Soldier Technology 2021 dedicated to Robotics and Autonomous Systems, focusing on how robotics can be leveraged to support the dismounted soldier.

  1. “Optimising the Use of Robotics and Autonomous Systems to Enhance Situational Awareness for the Dismounted Soldier”
    Presented by Lieutenant Colonel Iain Lamont, SO1 Robotics and Autonomous Systems, British Army
  2. “Increasing Dismounted Situational Awareness Through the Integration of Robotics into Combat Operations”
    Presented by Senior Chief Petty Officer James Harvey, Senior Enlisted Advisor, United States Naval Special Warfare Command

As the leading event dedicated to Soldier Modernisation, Future Soldier Technology will provide a unique opportunity to explore dismounted soldier technology, as well as network virtually with key stakeholders from across government, military and industry.

The event is FREE for military and government personnel to attend, and just £999 for commercial organisations. Interested parties can register at   

Ahead of Future Soldier Technology 2021, SMi Group caught up with conference speaker Senior Chief Petty Officer James Harvey, Senior Enlisted Advisor of United States Naval Special Warfare Command, to find out more about his role within the United States Naval Special Warfare Command, emerging technology, and why he thinks it’s important to keep the soldier technology community connected.

Here is a snapshot of what was discussed:

What are you currently working on in the field of dismounted soldier modernisation?

“We work heavily in data, AI, AR/VR, and 5G. These areas include man-machine teaming and machine learning for data analysis. We view technology holistically as opposed to specifically identified programs. This allows us to confront problems more effectively. For example, as opposed to focusing only on creating 3D images with photogrammetry, we will test the speed with which we can collect a 3D image, process that image, integrate it into a synthetic environment, train an unmanned system, then fly the unmanned system based on that data as one effort at an event. This helps us understand more than just the technology, but the ability for said technology to integrate as a unique modular function to a greater system of systems. Surprisingly, because of advancements in private technology, an effort like this can be done at extremely low-cost.”

Interested parties can read the full interview from SMi Group’s website:        

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