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27 March 2024 - (US Army)
National Guard leaders visit troops deployed in Middle East

27 March 2024 - (US Army)
TITAN pre-prototype illuminates the way forward for the US Army's 'King of Battle'

26 March 2024 - (NBC News)
Maryland bridge collapse: Rescue underway after Francis Scott Key bridge is hit by cargo ship

26 March 2024 - (DARPA)
SXSW Panel Replay: Real or Not, Defending Authenticity in a Digital World

26 March 2024 - (US Army)
Alaska Guard Black Hawk Aviators Train at Marine Corps Course

26 March 2024 - (US Army)
Promising experiment signals future integration of advanced tech into Army units

25 March 2024 - (SAE Media)
Two weeks remain until the British Army, Australian Army and the Royal Netherlands Army will be speaking at the highly anticipated Military Robotics & Autonomous Systems Conference. Secure one of the last tickets available - here!

25 March 2024 - (Battlespace)
Avanta range of high-performance MIL-SPEC COTS power supplies to launch at DPRTE 2024

25 March 2024 - (NavyTimes)
Navy wish list seeks Red Sea missiles, backs submarine-industrial base

25 March 2024 - (MarineTimes)
Here’s how the Marine Corps’ ‘wall-to-wall’ barracks inspections went

25 March 2024 - (DefenseNews)
Boeing CEO to depart as part of broader leadership shakeup

25 March 2024 - (ArmyTimes)
The robots are coming: US Army experiments with human-machine warfare

22 March 2024 - (US Army)
SFAB advisors build expertise and strong teams

21 March 2024 - (European Defence Agency)
Supporting nations of Test and Evaluation hold plenary talks in Italy

21 March 2024 - (UK Government)
Access Dstl's published research

21 March 2024 - (British Army)
Military logistic specialists help deliver Exercise Steadfast Defender

19 March 2024 - (NZDF)
Navy provides boarding expertise for Britain's fishery patrols

19 March 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Turning expectations into reality more quickly

19 March 2024 - (US Army)
NATO Allies, partners call cohesive multi-domain exercise a success

19 March 2024 - (US Army)
Exercise Dragon 24 highlights NATO allied military cooperation and movement capabilities

17 March 2024 - (Canadian Army)
Science in support of trials, exercises, live experiments, and tech demonstrations

15 March 2024 - (European Defence Agency)
EDA joins the Portuguese Navy Exercise REPMUS as co-organiser

15 March 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Regiment sharpens its gunnery skills

15 March 2024 - (US Army)
Premier CBRNE command participates in Exercise Freedom Shield in South Korea

14 March 2024 - (Canadian Army)
Enhancing weapons effects simulation

14 March 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Float like a butterfly, sting like B Squadron

14 March 2024 - (British Army)
Keeping the Army on the move on Exercise Steadfast Defender

14 March 2024 - (DARPA)
Deepfake Defense Tech Ready for Commercialization, Transition

14 March 2024 - (US Army)
Army space, high-altitude experiments converge during PC-C4

14 March 2024 - (US Army)
Army, industry discuss future implications of augmenting humans with AI

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