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03 October 2019 - (Netformx)
Netformx wins Gold for Asset Management Tools in the 14th Annual 2019 IT World Award®

01 October 2019 - (INVISIO)
INVISIO awarded five-year framework agreement for up to SEK 290 million from the U.S. Department of Defense

10 September 2019 - (Fischer Connectors)
Fischer Freedom’s major extensions enable versatile innovations in connectivity

30 August 2019 - (INVISIO)
INVISIO has received contract award decisions from the Swedish police

12 July 2019 - (DARPA)
With Squad X, Dismounted Units Partner with AI to Dominate Battlespace

11 July 2019 - (Army News Service)
Soldiers to operate armed robotic vehicles from upgraded Bradleys

3 June 2019 - (ESOA / NGMN)
ESOA AND NGMN sign co-operation agreement

28 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
Army project develops agile scouting robots

28 May 2019 - (Army Mod UK)
Firsts in Finland for the Royal Lancers

28 May 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Unlimited High Speed Broadband at the South Pole

21 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
Army Futures leveraging mission command for effective Soldier, robot teams

21 May 2019 - (FLIR)
PDF icon Protect your comrades with unwavering confidence

20 May 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon MANTA+ Adopted by the US SOF Community and now commercially available for other users

17 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
Soldiers train with Army's first personal Unmanned Aerial System

17 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
Mad Scientist initiative helps illustrate 'realm of the possible'

14 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
JMC assesses future of the Army at JWA 19

25 April 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Paradigm making Satcom simple at Satellite 2019. Showcasing the new, 'just add power' MANTA terminal

18 April 2019 - (Army Mod UK)
Airborne Medics in Romania for Multinational Exercise

13 April 2019 - (Army Mod UK)
Paratroopers train for jungle warfare

11 April 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Broadband in a Backpack at the Top of the World SWARM® Satellite Terminal Supports RAF in Himalayas

18 March 2019 - (Army News Service)
Satellite launch enhances comms for Army missions

06 March 2019 - (Army News Service)
Exercise improves communication, teamwork to prep for disasters

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