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7 December 2022 | 7:14 pm
Putin: Nuclear risk is rising, but we are not mad
The Russian leader insists his country would only use its nuclear arsenal in response to a strike.

7 December 2022 | 7:09 pm
Strep A: Royal Belfast children's hospital postpones routine procedures
Officials say the postponements are due to pressures caused by a rise in bacterial and viral infections.

7 December 2022 | 6:59 pm
First coal mine in decades approved amid climate concerns
Climate experts and Tory MPs argued the Cumbria mine would scupper UK efforts to lower emissions.

7 December 2022 | 6:44 pm
World Cup 2022: England v France - Kyle Walker 'will not roll out red carpet' for Kylian Mbappe
Kyle Walker says he will "not roll out a red carpet" for Kylian Mbappe when England meet France in their World Cup quarter-final.

7 December 2022 | 6:40 pm
Matt Hancock to stand down as MP amid local criticism
It comes as some Tory members in his Suffolk constituency say the MP is "not fit to represent" them.

7 December 2022 | 6:37 pm
Peru leader dissolves Congress hours before impeachment bid
President Pedro Castillo declared a state of emergency just hours before an impeachment debate.

7 December 2022 | 6:32 pm
More diagnostic hubs to tackle NHS waiting lists in England
Rishi Sunak promises to leave no stone unturned tackling the hospital backlog and ambulance delays.

7 December 2022 | 6:03 pm
UK weather: Drivers warned of risks as Arctic blast begins
Motorists are being urged to take precautions amid cold weather alerts and warnings across the UK.

7 December 2022 | 5:53 pm
Murderer publicly executed by his victim's father, Taliban say
The shooting at a stadium is the Taliban's first public execution since their return to power.

7 December 2022 | 5:50 pm
Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting coup
A far-right group is suspected of planning to storm parliament and install an aristocrat as leader.

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