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15 March 2022 - (British Army)
Nothing gets in the way of Trojan: The British Army's workhorse

15 March 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Navy, Marine Corps rehearse manned-unmanned helicopter strikes

15 March 2022 - (MarineTimes)
Japan-US marine combat drills held amid China, Russia worry

15 March 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Ukraine war may lead to rethinking of US defense of Europe

14 March 2022 - (DARPA)
Voices from DARPA Podcast Episode 54: Climate Tipping Points

14 March 2022 - (AirForceTimes)
Air Force special ops chief says it's time to embrace new missions

11 March 2022 - (C4ISR)
Why has Russia's emerging tech had so little impact on its invasion of Ukraine?

11 March 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Congress passes budget with defense boost, $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid

11 March 2022 - (DefenseNews)
US Army to award production contract for light tank this summer

10 March 2022 - (NavyTimes)
Navy stands up runway, encampment on massive Arctic ice sheet

10 March 2022 - (British Army)
Army launches human machine teaming

10 March 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Missile Defense Agency fires Patriot missile from THAAD system

09 March 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Training for war at the Army War College

08 March 2022 - (UK Government)
New body armour improvements for women in UK Armed Forces

08 March 2022 - (British Army)
Desert training as female Riflemen mentor Jordanian females

08 March 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Years of planning paid off in rapid Europe deployments, Army chief says

08 March 2022 - (MarineTimes)
Combat arms Marine officers of any specialty can command new regiments

03 March 2022 - (DARPA)
Developing Algorithms that Make Decisions Aligned with Human Experts

03 March 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Clean-up efforts in Gympie supported

03 March 2022 - (UK Government)
Dstl reveals the hidden wildlife and ecology of its working range

02 March 2022 - (DARPA)
New Cognitive Science Tool to Shed Light on Mental Health

02 March 2022 - (MarineTimes)
Marine Corps launches new littoral unit that US adversaries reportedly hate

01 March 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Army activates pre-positioned stocks for first time in wake of Ukraine invasion

28 February 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Standup of Marine littoral regiment will usher new gear into Pacific theater

28 February 2022 - (DARPA)
Glide breaker proposers day (March 22)

25 February 2022 - (DefenseNews)
What makes the Black Sea so strategically important?

25 February 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Thousands of US troops deploying for first-ever NATO Response Force activation amid Russia attack

25 February 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Expert: Russia's unmanned systems honed by years of Syria conflict | Actionable Intelligence

25 February 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Proposed light tank battalion concept will require more armor crewmen

22 February 2022 - (Australian Defence)
No port access? No problem for ADF

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