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14 June 2022 - (British Army)
Royal Tank Regiment Battlegroup receive prestigious awards in gratitude for services to Estonia

13 June 2022 - (Thales)
Thales launches VisioLoc® geolocalisation system for soldiers engaged in high-intensity combat

11 June 2022 - (British Army)
Chilly challenge for Royal Anglian troops in the arctic circle

10 June 2022 - (DARPA)
Recovering Rare-Earth Elements from E-Waste

10 June 2022 - (AirForceTimes)
This A-10C Warthog unit wants to bring more 'brrrrrt' to Europe

10 June 2022 - (British Army)
British Army's Air Defence capability joins NATO allies in Poland for Exercise Ramstein Legacy

09 June 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Biden nominates Marine general as next commander of US forces in Africa

07 June 2022 - (UK Government)
Science & Technology drive to deliver UK space launch

07 June 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Brain waves control robot dog's moves

07 June 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Fighting threats, real and imagined

07 June 2022 - (NZDF)
Training alongside NZDF military partners

06 June 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Battle group takes to the skies

06 June 2022 - (British Army)
Army reservists train with the Lithuanian Army's Iron Wolf Brigade

06 June 2022 - (UK Government)
Defence science and technology programmes and projects

06 June 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Soldiers at Fort Wainwright will officially ditch Stryker vehicles

06 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
US Army closes in on faster jet to replace Guardrail aircraft

04 June 2022 - (MarineCorpsTimes)
Marine Corps Reserve gets new missions, new roles and a whole new design

03 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Russian invasion of Ukraine sparks renewed interest in Stryker protection system

03 June 2022 - (Canadian Army)
A greener footprint

03 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Pentagon weighs plans to expand exercises with Finland, Sweden amid NATO bid

03 June 2022 - (DARPA)
DARPA's ANSR to Improving Trustworthy AI

02 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
How Sweden and Finland could reshape NATO's northern security

02 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Pentagon's AI, data office fully operational as leadership posts filled

01 June 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Laydown of US troops in Europe will depend on how Ukraine war ends

01 June 2022 - (DefenseNews)
US military may need innovation overhaul to fight future wars, Milley says

01 June 2022 - (US Army)
Army programs promote strength, agility of Long Range Precision Fires

01 June 2022 - (US Army)
V Corps, NATO Multinational Battle Group Slovakia participate in Exercise Slovak Shield 22

31 May 2022 - (INVISIO)
Increase in share capital in INVISIO due to exercise of stock options

31 May 2022 - (Australian Defence | DOD)
Inaugural Defence science summit, ADSTAR to be held in July

31 May 2022 - (New Zealand Defence Force)
NZDF Artillery Team to Train Ukrainians alongside UK

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