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24 August 2022 - (ODU)
Robust, fast, and scalable solution for mobile command posts

23 August 2022 - (US Army)
Soldier insights drive Army's development of mixed-reality training system

23 August 2022 - (US Army)
Four years in, AFC continues to bring Army modernization to the forefront

23 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Royal Australian Air Force strengthens ties with the French Air and Space Force

23 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Using trust to overcome fears

23 August 2022 - (UK Government)
Live firing exercise tests latest soldier systems

22 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Aims met in a test of nerves

22 August 2022 - (DARPA)
No Manning Required Ship (NOMARS) Program to Build, Test, Demonstrate First Ship

22 August 2022 - (British Army)
Top training for the Army's four-legged recruits at the Defence Animal Training Regiment

22 August 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
Largest annual Guard exercise adds big air power at US northern border

22 August 2022 - (MilitaryTimes)
US, SKorea open biggest drills in years amid North threats

22 August 2022 - (DefenseNews)
Delayed kamikaze drone for Ukraine on track for next month: Pentagon

19 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Exercise Pitch Black takes off

19 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
United States Air Force F-22 Raptor aircraft arrive in Australia

19 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Charging ahead quietly and cleanly

19 August 2022 - (NZDF)
NZDF joins Exercise Pitch Black in Australia's Northern Territory

18 August 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Army hands satellite missions over to Space Force

18 August 2022 - (DefenseNews)
US Army digs new sandbox for laser weapons

17 August 2022 - (US Army)
Army, academia collaborate on exoskeleton to reduce Soldier injuries

17 August 2022 - (British Army)
1 YORKS deliver essential training in Nigeria

16 August 2022 - (Australian Defence)
Tiger training a shore thing

16 August 2022 - (DARPA)
Work Begins on Next Generation of Battlefield Obscurants

16 August 2022 - (DARPA)
DARPA Seeks Proposals to Forge the Future of U.S. Microelectronics Manufacturing

15 August 2022 - (British Army)
Paratroopers compete for parachuting glory

15 August 2022 - (Canadian Army)
Time for a new tank killer

15 August 2022 - (DARPA)
DARPA Critical Minerals Competition Uses AI to Accelerate Analytics

15 August 2022 - (ArmyTimes)
Army’s long-delayed HR platform launch in jeopardy - again

14 August 2022 - (MarineTimes)
Here's how the Marine Corps should have approached stand-in forces

12 August 2022 - (British Army)
Lieutenant General Sharon Nesmith becomes Deputy Chief of the General Staff

12 August 2022 - (UK Government)
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