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06 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
Council approves Administrative Arrangement between EDA and United States

06 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
2nd European Military Additive Manufacturing Symposium

06 February 2023 - (Australian Defence)
More grunt for Growlers

06 February 2023 - (Australian Defence)
Diggers train first Ukrainian recruits

06 February 2023 - (US Army)
Tobyhanna takes on mission for Stryker Brigade Combat Team

05 February 2023 - (Canadian Army)
Stalwart Guardian: Air mobility, urban assault, and a bridge that went boom

03 February 2023 - (US Army)
AMC's supply chain optimization effort goes live

03 February 2023 - (British Army)
Airborne signallers test Army’s new radio in the jungle

03 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
New EDA project seeks to enhance combat unmanned ground systems technology

03 February 2023 - (DARPA)
Teams Begin Work to Develop Tasty Food from Air, Water, and Electricity

02 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
New EDA project seeks to enhance NGVA (NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture) safety

02 February 2023 - (NZDF)
NZDF sets out ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions

02 February 2023 - (Australian Defence)
Visit to ADF soldiers training Ukrainian recruits

01 February 2023 - (Thales)
Ukrainian defence ministry signs contract with Thales and French Ministry for the Armed Forces for a new air defence system to help protect Ukraine

01 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
General André Erich Denk Takes Up Post as Deputy Chief Executive of The European Defence Agency (EDA)

01 February 2023 - (European Defence Agency)
EDA opens first competition for best defence research papers

01 February 2023 - (DARPA)
DARPA Selects Performer Teams for Liberty Lifter X-Plane Program

01 February 2023 - (US Army)
Wisconsin Guard conducts fire missions in frigid weather

01 February 2023 - (US Army)
'Pacific Winds' wargame offers insight to deter potential adversaries, address global challenges

31 January 2023 - (UK Government)
Inspired by nature: chance to collaborate on underwater technology

31 January 2023 - (DARPA)
DARPA Collaborates with Commercial Partners to Accelerate Quantum Computing

31 January 2023 - (DARPA)
DARPA Team Begins Work on Field Deployable Whole Blood Equivalent

30 January 2023 - (ODU)
ODU System Solutions for High End Dismounted Soldier Systems (DSS)

30 January 2023 - (US Army)
Fires CDID: Supporting war-winning future readiness

27 January 2023 - (Invisio)
INVISIO receives another volume order for its new Intercom system

27 January 2023 - (UK Government)
Register for 2023 Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference

27 January 2023 - (US Army)
Northern Strike builds readiness, challenges visiting units

27 January 2023 - (US Army)
Prototyping agreements awarded for Common Tactical Truck program

26 January 2023 - (UK Government)
Dstl and DASA research underpins Royal Navy maritime autonomy

26 January 2023 - (British Army)
The Queen's Royal Hussars and Challenger 2 tanks perfect their skills on Exercise Tallinn Dawn

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