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04 December 2017 - (Army Mod UK)
Amphibious capability celebrates 40th anniversary
01 December 2017 - (Army News Service)
Army fields Modular Handgun System ahead of schedule
28 November 2017 - (Army Mod UK)
Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP)
21 November 2017 - (Safran)
Safran’s JIM Compact infrared binoculars selected by a 7th NATO country
21 November 2017 - (Army News Service)
Multinational engineers build up capabilities of opposing forces
21 November 2017 - (Army News Service)
Soldiers ready to defend the homeland with domestic response training at Exercise Vigilant Shield
16 November 2017 - (Army Mod UK)
ExerciseParas push the limits in Kenya
13 November 2017 - (Army News Service)
Modernization turnaround worth the effort, says acting SecArmy McCarthy
10 November 2017 - (IAG)
PDF iconInternational Armored Group (IAG) is a specialized manufacturer of armored vehicles with over 20 years of extensive experience in the industry
07 November 2017 - (Army News Service)
Task Force Wraith trains to respond swiftly to chemical attack
07 November 2017 - (Safran)
MBDA and Safran partners in MMP offering for Land 400 Australian army acquisition programmme
27 October 2017 - (Army News Service)
Army engineers test new video display in mine protected vehicle
23 October 2017 - (Army News Service)
Army, DOD officials outline defense modernization priorities
12 October 2017 - (Army Mod UK)
Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2017
05 October 2017 - (BCB International)
PDF icon‘Kastell Pro’ Plate Carrier Launched
04 October 2017 - (Army Mod UK)
Royal Welsh take on challenging exercise
06 September 2017 - (BCB International)
DSEI launch of versatile rifle stock
01 September 2017 - (BCB International)
PDF iconNew technology feeds British Soldiers
07 August 2017 - (Invisio)
INVISIO awarded two-year contract from the U.S. Department of Defense and receives first order of USD 7.4 million
19 June 2017 - (Safran)
Safran extends Cassiopée flight data management service to include Airbus A320neo LEAP engines
31 May 2017 - (Safran)
Safran Reosc wins contract to polish primary mirror on Europe’s giant ELT telescope
02 May 2017 - (Safran)
Safran Electronics & Defense logs orders for 3,000 HRG-based inertial navigation systems in 2016, a new record
21 April 2017 - (Invisio)
INVISIO receives additional order from the UK Ministry of Defence worth about SEK 15 million
22 February 2017 - (Safran)
PDF icon Safran's Epsilon One navigation systems chosen by a Middle-East country for combat vehicles
17 February 2017 - (Event Promotion)
PDF icon Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017: an international platform for global security
23 December 2016 - (Invisio)
INVISIO receives SEK 18 million order from customer within NATO
30 September 2016 - (Invisio)
PDF icon INVISIO receives follow-up order from existing army customer within NATO
23 August 2016 - (ODU)
PDF icon Compelling Connections. ODU introduces new ODU-MAC portfolio and extensive range of solutions
13 July 2016 - (Safran / Sagem)
PDF iconSafran Reosc to polish M2 secondary mirror for Europe’s giant new telescope
30 June 2016 - (Eurosatory 2016)
PDF icon Eurosatory 2016 confirms its leading position
13 June 2016 - (Invisio)
PDF icon INVISIO expands their tactical communication and hearing protection range with a lightweight single radio control unit
13 June 2016 - (Fischer Connectors)
PDF icon Fischer Rugged Flash Drive now five times faster with USB 3.0
07 June 2016 - (Invisio)
PDF icon INVISIO receives order from existing army customer within NATO
18 May 2016 - (Invisio)
PDF icon INVISIO receives SEK 9 million order from existing customer within NATO
02 May 2016 - (Fischer Connectors)
PDF icon Small, smaller, smallest: new ultra-miniature connector in Fischer
MiniMaxTM Series
26 April 2016 - (Elbit Systems)
PDF icon BAE Systems announces support of Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016
18 April 2016 - (BAE Systems)
PDF icon BAE Systems announces support of Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016
15 April 2016 - (Future Forces Forum)
PDF icon Future Forces Forum – an important event in the field of defence and security, Prague, Czech Republic
21 March 2016 - (Fischer Connectors)
PDF icon Smaller and smarter: new single fiber optic connectivity solution
16 March 2016 - (ODU)
PDF iconRobust protection and ideal strain relief. ODU develops ODU-MAC® strain relief housing for modular connector systems
25 February 2016 - (ODU)
PDF iconODU grows further in 2015. Company exceeds 140-million-euro turnover mark
13 January 2016 - (NATO)
PDF iconNATO Center of Excellence acquires MASA SWORD licenses for training and planning purposes