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21 May 2019 - (FLIR)
PDF icon Protect your comrades with unwavering confidence
20 May 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon MANTA+ Adopted by the US SOF Community and now commercially available for other users
17 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
Mad Scientist initiative helps illustrate 'realm of the possible'
14 May 2019 - (Army News Service)
JMC assesses future of the Army at JWA 19
25 April 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Paradigm making Satcom simple at Satellite 2019. Showcasing the new, 'just add power' MANTA terminal
13 April 2019 - (Army Mod UK)
Paratroopers train for jungle warfare
11 April 2019 - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Broadband in a Backpack at the Top of the World SWARM® Satellite Terminal Supports RAF in Himalayas
18 March 2019 - (Army News Service)
Satellite launch enhances comms for Army missions
06 March 2019 - (Army News Service)
Exercise improves communication, teamwork to prep for disasters
30 October 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army researchers developing heat illness mitigation app
30 October 2018 - (Army News Service)
40 years of aviation service: The Black Hawk helicopter
26 October 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
British Army begin Exercise Trident Juncture
25 October 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
All British Armed Forces roles now open to women
22 October - (Paradigm)
PDF icon Paradigm and Kymeta Announce Partnership
12 October 2018 - (Army News Service)
I Corps welcomes new deputy commanding general
12 October 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
Soldiers from the Royal Engineers teach Kenyan Engineers
11 October 2018 - (Army News Service)
Airborne Soldiers test Spider networked munition system upgrade
15 August 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army Futures Command aims to tap into innovative culture in Austin and beyond
13 August 2018 - (Army News Service)
Dynamic battlefront: Fighting styles unite to test various warfighting capabilities at Noble Partner
10 August 2018 - (Army News Service)
Tigers take their training to the USA
10 July 2018 - (Army News Service)
New commander takes lead at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center
10 July 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army's underwater egress training aims to improve survival rates
02 July 2018 - (Army News Service)
Close to the DMZ, Soldiers focus on functional fitness, readiness
02 July 2018 - (Army News Service)
On 100-year anniversary, Australian and U.S. forces join up for Exercise Hamel
28 June 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army electronic warfare prototypes reach first CONUS brigade
20 June 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
Soldiers trial ‘game-changing’ communications kit
03 - 05 July 2018 - (NCT Europe)
PDF icon NCT Europe 2018 | The world's #1 CBRNe event series includes CBRNe Europe and eXplosive Europe 2018
14 June 2018 - (Getac)
PDF icon Getac Streamlines Defence Ecosystem to Facilitate Future-Soldier Technology
30 May 2018 - (Viasat)
ViaSat-2 Satellite Communications Services Available for Canadian Armed Forces and Government Applications
17 May 2018 - (Viasat)
Viasat Sets May 24, 2018 for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast
08 May 2018 - (Army News Service)
Ghost Brigade readies its Soldiers for hybrid threats
07 May 2018 - (Army News Service)
New Army initiatives cut costs, get essential equipment to Soldiers faster
03 May 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
Allies demonstrate capability
26 April 2018 - (Army News Service)
Air cavalry, 'Sky Soldiers' test new air assault concept
25 April 2018 - (Army News Service)
US, British soldiers strengthen battlefield capabilities, partnerships in Stoney Run exercise
31 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army trains with Baltic partners in rapid-assemble exercise, strengthens NATO partnerships
30 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army Secretary Esper talks modernization, improved training, fitness test changes in Fort Drum visit
29 March 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
Training course tests soldiers
14 March 2018 - (SPECTRA Group)
Spectra Group announces major North American orders at the Satellite 2018 exhibition in Washington D.C.
14 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
EUCOM commander: Russia, terrorism top threats in region
09 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
2nd Cavalry Regiment Dragoons demonstrate new laser weapon
02 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
2nd SFAB training as combat advisers at Fort Benning
01 March 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army, Marine Corps begin testing new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
16 February 2018 - (Army News Service)
At Army engineer school, officers learn to be lead problem solvers
16 February 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army Air and Missile Defense Command prepares for Exercise Roving Sands
07 February 2018 - (Army News Service)
Despite the cold, 10th Mountain Division keeps up the heat in special combat training event
06 February 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
British soldiers support multinational exercise
06 February 2018 - (Army Mod UK)
British soldiers support multinational exercise
02 February 2018 - (Army News Service)
Transition Summits to connect Soldiers with U.S. and Europe-based employers
30 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
DOD looking into the impact of fitness trackers on Soldier safety
24 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
Major exercises throughout U.S. Army Europe
19 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
Soldier lethality, mobile networks key for Army future readiness, chief of staff says
18 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
New battery technology saves Soldiers time, money on the battlefield
17 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
New York Army National Guard Soldiers Deployed to Ukraine Conduct MASCAL Exercise
12 January 2018 - (Army News Service)
Army intensifying Stinger air missile training as part of new strategic initiatives