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InterComms will be attending the following events during 2017

If you would like to find out more about our company or projects please feel free to talk with our representatives at the various events.

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Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems

05/06/2018 - 06/06/2018
London, UK

With global terrorism at an all-time high, armoured vehicles are continuously required to operate across diverse environments against varying enemy forces and need to be able to deliver the firepower required to eliminate these heterogeneous hazards. Whether exploiting surface-to-air missiles to counter airborne units, infantry fighting capabilities or beyond line of sight ranged artillery in support of advancing soldiers, modern armoured vehicles continue to rely a myriad of weapon systems to deliver the lethality required to achieve their mission objectives.

Future Armoured Vehicle Weapon Systems conference 2018 promises to delve into the heart of lethality systems within international mounted formations. The two-day event will cover research in development of new armaments and munitions for armoured vehicles, generic modular designs that enable platform interoperability, targeting and tracking systems and operational feedback from training and gunnery exercises and schools.

Benefits of attending

  • Presentations from the Israeli MoD, Canadian Armed Forces and German Army, along with key briefings from host nation agencies
  • Industry experts including Rheinmetall, FNSS and CTA International
  • Comprehensive briefings from the United States with updates from Next Generation Combat Vehicle, Abrams Main Battle Tank, PEO Ammunition, Maneuver Centre of Excellence and PEO Ground Combat Systems
  • Explore the latest technologies, systems and platforms that are revolutionising how military forces conduct mechanised warfare

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Close Air Support 2018

06/06/2018 - 07/06/2018
London, United Kingdom

As a key action that reinforces ground troops in close proximity to enemy fire; it’s imperative that Close Air Support for both conventional and asymmetric operations is maintained and built. Join us this summer to hear exclusive briefings from the: RAF, US Air Force, French Air Force, JAPCC, Canadian Armed Forces, German Air Force, NATO, and more.

With a unique focus on military operations in an increasingly demanding environment, 2018’s conference will gather key military, government, and industry figures to explore and discuss the latest technology and strategic developments and hear relevant mission updates from real-time operations!

Key topics include: Air-land integration, JTAC training and mission simulation, digitally aided close air support (DACAS), joint fire targeting and delivery, battlespace management, key platforms, national programme updates and much more.

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Amoured Vehicles India

26/06/2018 - 27/06/2018
New Delhi, India

In official partnership with the society of Indian Defence Manufacturers

In a major policy reform intended to promote Make in India in defence manufacturing, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on May 31, 2017 the much-anticipated ‘Strategic Partnership Model’ for the Indian private sector

The ‘Strategic Partnership Model’ offers a fresh and clearly defined opportunity for international OEMs and sub-suppliers to win business in India through transfer of technology, join-ventures, co-production and life-cycle support for years to come.

As a result of this defence policy reform, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) was created to support a traditionally complex procurement process in India and help de-risk and de-complicate the bidding process for foreign industry.

With this in mind, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and Defence IQ welcomes you to join us in New Delhi later this year (26-27 June) - along with key programme stakeholders in order to define the way forward for IndiaÂ’s major vehicle procurements (FICV, FRCV, LAM-V & LSV).

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MilSatCom USA 2018

27/06/2018 - 28/06/2018
Arlington, Virginia, USA

As the leading meeting in the US, MilSatCom USA 2018 will provide the perfect platform to identify and explore next-generation SatCom capabilities for future military programmes.

With the National Defence Authorization Act 2018; promising ‘Fundamental Reform of National Security Space’, and the Wideband AoA expected to conclude in the first half of the year, this topical two-day conference will address the most pressing issues facing future MilSatCom programmes.

Key topics include: NDA Act, Wideband AoA, allied collaboration and future military programmes, resilience and protection in future architectures, next generation small sat LEO constellation, ComSatCom systems and much more!

All active federal employees, to include Military Personnel, will be granted FREE ADMISSION to our event. However, in order to attend this event PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, which is subject to final approval by the conference organizer.

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UAV Technology

26/09/2018 - 27/09/2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Event Highlights

  • Leading networking event focused on the procurement and development of UAV and counter-UAS capabilities globally
  • The chance to obtain insights from leading nations in the realm of automatic and unmanned technologies such as the US, the UK, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Estonia and Finland, to name but a few.
  • Discuss existing and emerging applications of unmanned aerial platforms & address consequential requirements from military & law enforcement operations in a region with a unique focus on military investments and upgrades.
  • Become a part of the community striving to maximise UAV capabilities while also accurately responding to the threats they pose on national and border security
  • Gain a clear understanding of the market and meet key technology providers at the forefront of unmanned aerial capability development.

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Future Forces Individual Systems Congress - International Industry Day

17/10/2018 - 19/10/2018
Prague, Czech Republic

The Future Forces Individual System Congress (FFISC), in the format of an International Industry Day under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Defence, will offer a unique opportunity to display, present and discuss current achievements and future key challenges on dismounted soldier projects by all stakeholders.

Global gathering of International Organisations + Government + Military + Police + Academia + R&D + Industry Active involvement and participation of NATO, EU and national experts in the area of Dismounted Soldier Systems (DSS) & Future Soldier Projects.

Number of key note speakers and dozens of DSS experts already confirmed.

The Congress will focus on the following topics:


- Future Soldier System Projects, Advanced Systems for Specialists
- Lessons Learned, Future Challenges, Capability Gaps and Requirements
- Interoperability of Systems, International, Inter-Service Cooperation
- Operations in Complex Urban Environment


- Survivability Panel / Sustainability Panel / Lethality Panel / Mobility Panel / C4ISTAR Panel

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Future Forces Forum

17/10/2018 - 19/10/2018
Prague, Czech Republic

International Organisations + Government + Military + Police + Academia + R&D + Industry

Future Forces Forum (FFF) is an international platform for defence and security information exchange, promotion of the allied countries’ and its partners’ objectives and capabilities within the national and global security. The Forum consists of compilation of events and activities at high political, military, security and expert level. All events are primarily focused on presentations of current and future needs in order to ensure the security, and on presentations of industry and R&D capabilities. Long-time cooperation with the NATO HQ, EDA, EUROPOL, FBI, FSMTC, European GNSS Agency, CAA, AFCEA and other multinational institutions and organizations ensure the top-ranking expert delegations regularly participating in the events.

Main Events:

  • Future Forces Exhibition
  • World CBRN & Medical Congress
  • Future Forces Individual Systems Congress  
  • Logistics Capability Conference
  • Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS Conference
  • Multi-domain Advanced Robotic Systems Conference
  • Future of Cyber Conference
  • Official expert working groups' sessions (NATO, EU)

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Air Missile Defence Technology

23/10/2018 - 24/10/2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Event Highlights include:

1. Host nation presentations: Hear from the Czech Armed Forces on their Air and Missile Defence capability development at a time of widespread modernisation

2. Develop an international perspective on Air Missile Defence Technology (AMDT) with additional presentations from nations such as the UK, Lithuania, Hungary, NATO and USA

3. Listen to technical briefings from industry experts including Lockheed Martin and Diehl Defence – as well as a dedicated exhibition space to showcase the latest technologies.

4. Benefit from a comprehensive approach: AMDT 18 will cover the full spectrum of air defence: from detection and surveillance to counter-UAS capabilities

5. Explore ways in which interoperability between nations and technological systems can be developed to maximise the proficiency of Air Missile Defence strategies and capabilities

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